Mobility Scooter Insurance

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Our Mobility scooter insurance policy has been created to help you live an independent life by keeping you on the move at home and abroad. It provides mobility scooter insurance against theft, accidental damage and negligence claims related to your use of a mobility scooter.

We have been offering mobility scooter insurance for over 35 years, serving people with disabilities or mobility issues and provide you with the cover you need at a price you can afford. The many benefits Fish’s mobility scooter insurance policy offers include:

  • Protects any driver
  • Covers accidental damage, including fire and flood
  • Covers theft and vandalism
  • Get-you-home allowance
  • Worldwide cover†
  • Personal injury protection
  • Replacement hire
  • New-for-old replacement
  • Up to £2 million personal and attendant liability cover
  • Protects personal effects

To help you save time, hassle and money on your mobility scooter insurance we also offer optional extended mobility scooter warranties and two or three year policies.

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